Ofuia- of musical epiphanies

What an amazing friday. I saw this amazing band in a run-down tiny little art gallery uptown, with great company. Two guitars, a trumpet, a glockenspiel, an accordion, two violins, a cello and percussion playing music that seemed equal parts Tin Pan Alley, equal parts Balkan. A few songs into their set the electricity went out for some reason, but they kept playing, unamplified, with only the natural sound of the instruments filling the space. And the crowd quieted down to listen. And the only light in the entire place was coming in through the closed windows behind them, which made them seem like these otherworldly, mysterious silhouettes playing this strange and wonderful music. The magic of that moment (and the moments that followed) more than made up for the prosaicness of the rest of my weekend. I’m still smiling.

One thought on “Ofuia- of musical epiphanies

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