I haven’t seen you in ages but it’s not as bleak as it seems

Well, “Alice in Wonderland” couldn’t even live up to my considerably lowered expectations. The fact that it failed to even deliver 90 minutes of entertainment says a lot about the type of filmmaker Tim Burton is these days. It was a lazy script with horrible dialogue, a ridiculous plot that seemed more like a halfhearted attempt to imitate the “epic movie” template rather than the joyfully disjointed and nonsensical nature of the original books. The ending was ridiculous. The only good thing I can say about the movie is it had a talking dog. Any movie that has a talking dog in it automatically has at least some redeemable value.

Seriously, even the visuals weren’t even half as interesting or striking as the much-simpler, almost quaint cheap CGI in Terry Gilliam’s “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus”. There wasĀ heart in those imaginary landscapes. Not only that, but, say what you will about the movie itself, it was visually dazzling in ways that transcend the CGI. The camera angles, the framing, the lighting, everything. And the story! And Tom Waits as the devil! Maybe it was unfair to watch Alice in Wonderland right after having finally watched The Imaginarium. But then again, Terry Gilliam is in a whole other level. Anyone who even thinks to equate Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam deserves a slap in the face. Not even a hard one. Just a pansy, rightfully indignant slap in the face.

I’ve been listening to The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs for the first time in forever. Not sure why, exactly. But I’m not complaining.

Spent St. Patrick’s day at an Irishman’s house, with a bunch of people from all kinds of nationalities joining in the joys of drunkenness. Except of course for my new SxE friend from Pittsburgh, whom I was so excited to meet becauseĀ she’s the first Straight Edge person I’ve actually met! I realize it sounds ridiculous and ignorant and insulated but I thought sXe people were either complete antisocial freaks or outright myths. ‘Cause seriously, who doesn’t like to get shitfaced every once in a while? But I met Sofia at a bar (ironically enough) about a month and a half ago and she’s just really awesome. So is her friend of dubious origin, Amina. They make a great team.

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