In which I rant about a band (again).

I made my way down to “El Camalote”, this almost-overwhelmingly hippie-chic little bar in Caballito where they have weekly screenings of animated short films, old and new. Filled with the new generation of Argentine faux-hippie-hipsterdom peddling their organic/recycled material produced wares, the place is still brimming with a lighthearted spirit of creativity and fun rather than the excessively pretentious and ponderous denseness you’d find at an independent book fair. Although the shorts were fun, I was really there to see Ofuia, this incredible little band I discovered last year with Flor.

The show did not disappoint. I’m alway left awestruck when I see them live. Partly because I’m amazed at the intricacies of their arrangements, the wildly adventurous turns within the songs, the joyous catharsis, claustrophobic paranoia, delicate & menacing & wonderful nature of their performance. Partly because it’s completely beyond me how a group so immensely talented can go on existing in relative obscurity. The types of musicians these guys are, they should be an international phenomenon– as it stands, they’re fairly obscure and selling their records themselves. I took my friend Lucha to see them and she was as delighted as I was. Every time I see them it’s a revelation. Every time it’s wildly exciting.

I got to talk to them briefly after the show and bought two of their CDs. They recognized me from Facebook. They’re incredibly nice, down-to-earth people. I’ve decided that if I am to have a band that’s “mine”, that I follow around and actively promote, this is it. I’ll be their one-man street team. I’m convinced of their genius.

Lucha and I parted ways at 1:15 AM in the cold streets of Caballito. I happily made my way home, still in a buzz that’s lasted through all of today. Amazing what music can do to you.

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