This is a calling card, maybe it will be a farewell note

Don’t laugh at me. I’ve been watching the Batman movies in chronological order. I said don’t laugh at me.

It’s been a slower process than expected since I’ve been so absurdly busy the last few days, but I’m making my way through them. Of course, the Nolan films are pretty fresh in my memory so I’m not in any sort of hurry to get to them. Two things immediately came to mind upon watching the two Burton films: Holy shit, these are much better than I remember– and holy SHIT, Batman Returns is much much better than I remember.

After Nolan’s wonderful movies, it’s easy to write off everything that came before it as campy and ridiculous, and a lot of it is– certainly the Schumacher movies fall within those categories– but I had almost completely forgotten how relentlessly strange and dark and film noir these Burton films are. “Batman Returns” in particular floored me. I loved the winter-y feel to it, the characterization of the Penguin, the Roach subplot– a genuine Dickensian nightmare. Catwoman’s “origin” story was a little heavy-handed but Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance more than made up for it. Just the right amount of classic childlike wonder and macabre strangeness. A really fun movie, a lot better than I remembered it.

Also, is it wrong that I bewail a lost iPod more than the crumbling of a relationship? It probably is, right?

In other news; my mom is here to visit. Yes, my mom is back in Buenos Aires. I won’t lie, as much of a relief as it is to have her here and as fun it is to take her around and introduce her to all of my friends… seeing her step into the strangeness that has been my life as of late is a little off-putting. She seems a little misplaced, a little out of context. It’s still been really awesome showing her around. I brought her into the office and introduced her to a bunch of people. I’m taking her to dinner with a few friends tonight. She’s sure to embarrass me with childhood stories I’ve no recollection of. I’m fine with that.

And I get a huge kick out of this.

Yes. “Aww” is what you’re thinking of.

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