90s pop culture references aren’t just for shitty emo bands.

I met Tom about five years ago, during my first few months in Buenos Aires. At the time I was still staying in Hostels and, though I was never going to admit it to anybody, still not quite sure of my new life in the big city. At that point people were coming in and out of my life at an extremely rapid pace,  and it was hard to keep track of names and faces, but we got along great. He was with two other English kids– Cass and Joe. We escaped from a gun-toting madman together. It was fun.

Five years later, Joe’s made a few wonderful youtube videos (here’s a small sample of his work) and has grown a wonderful mustache. Cass is an awesome musician and meme connoisseur– here is a video of him doing his thing. And Tom is a med student. He’s also a member of a band I want to call your attention to in this post– Clever Girl.

Yes, their name is a Jurassic Park reference. That alone makes them amazing. But they’re more than a clever pop culture reference. Clever Girl manages to blend post-rock melodic inflections with an almost sea-songy sensibility (say that three times fast) that is as wildly invigorating as it is playful and brimming with good vibes. The inclusion of a saxophone and the generally misty, jazz-y (but notjazzy) feel of the music makes it sound like this could be the result of Paul Gonsalves’ unholy union with top-shelf twinkly post-rock. More nuanced and less onanistic (also infinitely less gloom-and-doom-y) than the majority of that genre, this is great morning music.

Clever Girl recorded an EP called “No Drum and Bass in the Jazz Room” before going on an indefinite (and possibly permanent) hiatus as members dispersed to various corners of the world. The album can be listened to and downloaded (for free!) on theirMySpace. Though it is free to download, there is a “Donate” button should you enjoy their music so much that you feel compelled to–gasp— pay for it. I encourage you to do so, and hopefully the band will come to their senses and reunite to pursue the artistic heights they are so obviously bound for.

You can listen to their song “Elm” by clicking the link below.

[audio https://jorgefarah.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/01-elm.mp3]

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