LA VIE ENNUI: New Podcast

Hello beautiful people of the internet. How are you today? That’s nice.

I come to you braving indifference and derision to call your attention to a new project of sorts.


Ahmed Nawaz (seen above, kinda) is a British-Canadian-Pakistani web developer, shopkeeper and arms dealer, among other things. Currently residing in Buenos Aires under mysterious circumstances, we formed an unlikely friendship as I stopped by his establishment every other day after work. We developed a rapport that was equal parts entertaining and pedantic, so obviously we decided to go public with it.

Enter LA VIE ENNUI, a weekly document of our meandering palaver. We’ll dissect music, movies, memes. We’ll bicker about socialism, Ahmed’s militant atheism versus my indifferent agnosticism, whether Wu-Tang deserves a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and other such pressing, culturally relevant issues. Look at you sitting there, being all giddy with excitement.

We’ll be posting our very first episode early next week. We hope you’ll listen and comment.

(Note: I am fully aware “La Vie Ennui” was also once the name of a short-lived, obscure 2002 stage play about Edith Piaf. Whatever.)

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