Oh brave new world with such strangeness in it

Jesus Christ, 2010, where the fuck did you go?

To say the last couple of months have been intense would be an immense understatement. The pressures of a healthy social life coupled with the lumbering tower of doom created by schoolwork and work-work piling on top of each other pretty much guaranteed that any creative outlet I dabbled in had to be graded by a qualified education professional. Otherwise, sorry, no time. And this is, in essence, a creative outlet– the meandering babbling of an obnoxious loudmouth amplified by the power of the world wide web. This can’t possibly take priority over, you know, real things, like school and work and going out. And if it’s not already abundantly clear that I’m just making excuses for not updating in a while, I’ll just quietly move along to the next paragraph.

The dawn of a new year finds me, once more, back in Colombia, with old friends and family. The journey here was a harrowing ordeal that started with me misplacing my glasses somewhere in my apartment right as it was time to go and abandoning them in a fit of frustration rather than have the taxi wait five minutes for me to find them, thus avoiding the paralyzing headaches I’ve been having thanks to my astigmatism. Not only that, but my hipster cred took a steep dive the moment I left my apartment, de-spectacled for the first time in forever. I immediately put on Sung Tongs on my iPod to salvage my indie-point ranking. Alas, it was too little, too late. And with Animal Collective on, also incredibly irritating.

That was just the beginning of the most tortuous travel experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some bad ones). In order to get the dirt-cheap tickets I got, I had to compromise. And that came in the form of layovers in Lima (not too bad, except for the security at Jorge Chavez airport being a complete pain in the ass– I’m talking TSA-level intrusive and insufferable and incredibly slow) and Bogot√° (the single worst airport experience I’ve ever had as I was basically stranded in the nearly-deserted El Dorado airport from 1 to 7am, pushing my luggage around in a little cart, trying to find a way to nap in those little airport chairs the way the few destitute souls that inhabit a Colombian airport’s food court at 3am the day after Christmas would). All in all, a solid day of traveling.

You know, I used to romanticize airports in a big bad way. I used to find them beautiful and exciting. These days I’m just annoyed by the bureaucracy of it all. Also, constantly worried I’m misplacing very important documents, because you always seem to be carrying a bunch of those around.

Thankfully, I made my way back home and it’s been a blast. My family’s as crazy and chaotic as ever. Running into old acquaintances– which I seem to do just about every hour here– has been a pleasant stroll down memory lane. I’ll be hanging out here ’til the second week of February, at which point I’ll come back all rested and relaxed to Buenos Aires, to face the million different challenges I’ve pushed ’til after my trip.

I’m not really one to make new year’s resolutions– or I am, I just don’t really follow them– but there’s one thing I really want to work on getting better at, which is my infuriating tendency towards procrastination. I just put everything off. Constantly. And I fool myself into believing I actually “work better under pressure” when really I’m just being extremely mediocre. See, it’s a bartering process in my mind where I somehow always end up going “pfft, I can get this done in 15 minutes. But first, this South Park episode…”. It’s ridiculous high school mentality I just never really grew out of. And it always seems to result in losing sleep. And I like sleep. So that’s one thing I’m going to try and change.

2010 was an extremely strange year for me. All things considered, I’d label it a success– it was definitely not without its low points, but it also featured a lot of happy surprises and wonderful people. I’ve seen great films, I’ve heard great music, I’ve had lots of fun. Sure, 2010 saw the crumbling of a promising relationship, some unfulfilled expectations and a whole lot of mediocre grades. But it also saw the return of a good friend, the introduction of others and countless tiny victories. It’s the good and the bad, the sour and the sweet.

Normally I’d segue into a movie quote from that, but right now I’m too tired, so I’m just going to go ahead and let myself fall asleep. I have babysitter duty in the morning. Happy new year, everyone.

One thought on “Oh brave new world with such strangeness in it

  1. I’m so glad I made the bullet points of your year. My 2010 greatly improved upon my arrival to Buenos Aires. I like our ridiculous 2006-2010 journey.

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