So I’ve been away…

My absence from the world of blogging has been pretty inexcusable. I could blame it all on being “busy”, but there’s been plenty of times where I’ve stared blankly at this very Update page, scribbled some logging-for-the-sake-of-logging and deleted it in exasperation. Followed immediately by that “why put myself through this? I don’t have to write about every single thing” that inevitably leads right into a good 45 minutes of playing Angry Birds.I guess I miss that zealous passion for documenting that I used to have when I started blogging about 8 years ago. That urgent need to just say something, anything, for posterity, and proudly flaunt it– linking friends, relatives, anybody who cared to read, requesting comments, attention. Motivated by the notion that I had something unique and entertaining to say. That’s gone away, to some degree, and my writing has been confined to assignments for school, work, the message boards I frequent (where, perhaps to make up for my lack of blogging activity, I’ve become increasingly longwinded and pedantic) and my own creative outlet– like the feature-length screenplay I’m writing and hope to get financing for sometime this year.

It’s a shame, though, because I still feel that tug. I think what I need is a kick in the ass to pry me from that state of blogging lethargy. And I think I got that sometime last night when I was sitting in a dinner table with two travel bloggers, discussing boundaries and privacy in the world of public living. I immediately wanted to sit myself down and write a long, rambling, vaguely nonsensical entry about what’s been up in my life.

The truth is I don’t even know where to begin. The last couple of months have been intensely strange. I turned 24 (an age I’ve been dreading for a while as it marks the formal end to my “early 20s” and the beginning of the mid— and how dreadful it is to be mid-anything), I saw a shitload of movies in the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (bought tickets to 34, fell way short of my goal and ended up watching 28, which is still pretty good for 10 days of hardcore festival-living. Big entry on each of the movies I saw to come very soon), I found myself involved in all sorts of strange and wonderful situations that I was absolutely not prepared for, and other nonadventures.

We’ll talk about all these things– some in more detail than others. It’ll have to wait, though. For now, here’s a bunch of recent pictures, because I like pictures.

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