Costello Proselytizing, Redux

A little while ago, in a desperate attempt to convert everyone who rolls their eyes when I blabber on about the genius of “Imperial Bedroom”, I put together a playlist containing 22 of my favorite Elvis Costello songs. This sampler was posted on this very blog, along with my own musings on each individual track and a Megaupload link to download the compilation.

Well, Megaupload went and got itself shut down by the FBI, leaving my little mixtape without a home. I finally got up the energy to upload every song and update the entry with handy little “play” buttons so you can listen as you read along. Because doesn’t that sound fucking awesome? Listening to songs you don’t know while reading opinions you don’t care about? I couldn’t think of anything better, myself.

Whatever I do in life, whatever my triumphs and accolades, I will never possess 10% of the badassness contained in this photo. And I'm fine with that.

So if you’re interested in hearing what it is I rave about, hop on over to the entry, click those cute little “play” buttons and enjoy some of the finest, wordiest pop songs ever recorded. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Little Triggers: 22 Elvis Costello Songs That Are Better Than Your Favorite Songs. Redux.

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