NEW PODCAST: Jor Mom. Episode One: “Balls.”

Ladies and gentlemen (but as my WordPress stats page tantalizingly reveals, mostly ladies), I’m very proud to present to you the very first episode of a soon-to-be-weekly podcast started with the lovely Jorah Day. Ostensibly a podcast about blogs, we are akin to navigating TV Tropes on a school night: serpentine and desultory in our topic-surfing.

We are calling this weekly 30-minute string of non sequiturs and insulated palaver “JOR MOM”  (Get it? Because her name is “Jor”ah and my name is “Jor”ge? It’s clever, right? …  Right?).

You can listen to our very first episode (which we have lovingly titled “BALLS”) by clicking the lovely player below.

We hope you enjoy! A new episode will be posted every week, I think. Note the “I think“. It’s very important. We’re still figuring things out; format, schedule and content-wise, this may change dramatically next week. For now, we hope you at least partially enjoy our little pilot episode.

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