PODCAST: Jor Mom. Episode 2: “Barely Pressed”

Actual picture from an actual podcast recording session.

Look at you. You sad, pathetic shell of a human being.  White-knuckled, gritted teeth, sweating profusely as you feverishly refresh your browser in anticipation of the next installment of your weekly, 30-minute date with dilettanti. Well, the wait is over, my friend. Unclench your fists and bring a Kleenex to your brow, for I’ve come to present you with the latest in our weekly celebration of excruciatingly banal self-aggrandizing by way of mendacious overshare– ladies and gentlemen of the internet, “Jor Mom”! Now with 5% less awkwardness!*

*or maybe 5% more awkwardness. YMMV.

In this edition of “Jor Mom”, Jorah and I get grossly self-congratulatory, spend inordinate amounts of time hypothesizing on the personal lives of some of our favorite bloggers, and unsuccessfully attempt to conceal our bitterness at never having been featured on Freshly Pressed. Feast your ears on the soothing sounds of international schadenfreude, as a girl in Seattle and a boy in Buenos Aires bring to you…

“JOR MOM”. Episode 2: “Barely Pressed”.

Background music featured in this episode…
Greenskeepers- “Lotion”
The Antlers- “Two”
Broken Social Scene- “Love and Mathematics”
Broadcast- “Pendulum”
John Coltrane- “Vilia”
Shugo Tokumaru- “Parachute”
This Will Destroy You- “Leather Wings”
Slint- “Nan Ding”
Elvis Costello- “Idiophone”

9 thoughts on “PODCAST: Jor Mom. Episode 2: “Barely Pressed”

  1. I put this one while I’m doing stuff around the house and proceed to respond to your conversation… I’m loving your whole idea!

    I’m totally never going to be Freshly Pressed though.
    I think “Pressed for Time” could be our own version of it?

  2. This was awesomeness to my ears (and not just because of the background music). I actually accepted my fate on not ever being FP’d, mostly on the basis that almost everyone of my blog titles are obscure. Pshh…I don’t need them, *sobs*. By the way, who is this “them” and where do they come from?!

    1. Actually, some people are just absolutely genius and write the perfect FP entry without even trying/realizing it. I happen to think the girl who did that is a total badass.

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