Odds and Ends: An Inventory of Scraps

It was brought to my attention a while ago that if you perform a Google Image Search for the words “Facebook misanthrope”, this was the very first result:

Oh man. The GRIMACE.

This is no longer the case, thankfully, but for a while I couldn’t figure out whether to be amused or horrified by this. After a little investigation I found out that it was linking to a blog post I wrote a while ago titled “How Facebook Unfriend Alert Made Me a Paranoid Misanthrope“. It was all about a Facebook app that kept track of who was added or removed from your friends list, notifying you whenever one of your Facebook friends deleted you from theirs. This allowed you to be able to actively reach out to them post-diss and make things as awkward as possible for all involved. This greatly increased my paranoia and neuroses, but I felt absolutely naked and vulnerable when Facebook pulled it from its Apps.

Thankfully, for all of us who are dysfunctional and insecure enough to care, a new tool has appeared in the market. It’s called “Unfriend Finder”. Unlike “Unfriend Alert”, it’s not a Facebook App but a browser add-on. It’s easy to install and a lot more dynamic and easy to work with than “Unfriend Alert”. If your friends list becomes mysteriously smaller and you’re driving yourself crazy trying to figure out who cut you out of their lives, this tool is for you. You can find it here. Let me know how it works out for you.


So. This entry isn’t going to stick to one subject like most of the posts I put up. Instead, I’m going to take this opportunity to bore you with many things at once– all of them equally uninteresting and inconsequential. Feel free to tune out at this point or go navigate other more interesting parts of the internet. It’s an exciting world out in the information superhighway, filled with animated gifs of cats being silly, and countless instances of people being wrong in internet forums, on a variety of topics, just waiting for you to step in and correct them. Go find them.

The next point of order is the matter of a post¬†schedule. As you are a loyal and dedicated follower of my little blog, you are well aware of the fact that there’s no real rhyme or reason for when I publish content. I only really post anything whenever the mood strikes, whenever I feel strongly about a particular subject and whenever my daily commitments permit. This works for me, mostly because of how erratic and wildly fluctuating my availability is. However, inspired by the bloggers I’ve been lucky enough to become acquainted with, I realize now that constancy is a good thing, and you guys are more likely to check back for updates when you know they’re due. Also, as a matter of personal discipline, I am more likely to pry myself away from my laurels and actually generate content. So for the sake of the readers and my own, as a responsible adult, I have decided to set a post schedule for this blog.

Starting this coming Monday, new entries will be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will do my best to stick to this routine, but reserve the right to fall drunkenly (or exhaustedly) by the wayside, as well as to alter it should my work commitments change. I’m not being lazily noncommittal; a couple of weeks ago I was taking naps under my desk at work and waking up for conferences at 4am. If it’s a choice between blogging and preserving some of my mental health, I’m going to opt for the latter.


Which brings us to our next point. Jor Mom. Our little podcast baby is turning one month old this week, and to celebrate we’re moving it to Mondays. Yeah. It’s a weird way to celebrate a minor milestone, but hear us out– Jorah and I are extremely busy people, with extremely busy lives, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the time in our work week to get on Skype at the same time, record, edit and post. By moving the podcast from Fridays to Mondays, we give ourselves a little more breathing room and as a result you’ll probably get a smoother, less bumpy listening experience. Plus, think about how great it’s going to be to start your week with the dulcet tones of two dorks making penis jokes. You know, “dork” is a word for penis, too.


The 375 Hours project has been all but abandoned. I’ve been watching a lot of movies and will very probably reach my goal, but I don’t have enough time to write thoughtful reviews on each one of them for free when I’m getting paid to do so for another site. Now, the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival starts next week, and I do plan to watch a lot of movies from that. I will be keeping you updated on the gems that I find. But if you’ve been checking back weekly looking for the latest reviews tagged “375 Hours”, I apologize, but that falls within the scope of “ideas that sound really exciting at first but induce nothing but groans and dread when actually put into practice”. I could write a book on those. No, seriously, I could.


And finally, the lovely Nuggles from That Ain’t Kosher¬†recently tagged me on one of those survey memes plucked straight out of 1998. Now, normally, I would ignore such requests altogether, but I like Nugs too much to do so. So what I’m doing is I am providing an answer to the only question in her questionnaire that piqued my interest, because I was thinking of this the other day: the vilest living celebrity, in my estimation, is Madonna. She’s a mean, self-absorbed bitch whose only talent was latching on to whatever current fad was selling and adjust her image accordingly. Thankfully, I think the world is finally catching up to that. She’s been swindling our youth long enough. It’s time to bring her down… ¬†with a vengeance.

There, Nugs. That’s your answer.

13 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: An Inventory of Scraps

  1. I am a misanthrope…

    ….I hate everyone

    I don’t want my secret out though ( so don’t tell anyone) so I wouldn’t want it to come up on the Google machine.

    Also, I will be very upset if you fall short and do not stick to this schedule you have created because I will be waiting patiently by the computer clicking refresh, because I have not much else to live for, so no pressure but DON”T YOU DARE LET ME DOWN!

  2. Yay post schedules! I look forward to more Jorge. Now that you cannot text me or call me at 3am to insist I watch the new batman trailer, I feel these posts are a seriously important part of our friendship.

    1. I suppose you could, I’m not terribly familiar with David Bowie’s career– but he’s a talented singer, songwriter and performer. Madonna could dance. That’s about it.

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