PODCAST: Jor Mom. Episode 4: “Your Gay Injured Rooster”

Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, let me tell you a story. It’s a story about an overworked girl in Seattle, Washington whose journey through the information superhighway crossed paths with that of a frazzled, befuddled boy in Buenos Aires, Argentina. And upon colliding they realized that they shared a sense of humor, a love for music and a prying eye into the lives of others. And so they came together and created a weekly podcast, which they hastily titled Jor Mom. And so against all odds, in spite of their own creative flakiness and all-consuming laze, Jor Mom has been going strong for a full month now. And if this is not occasion to break out the sweet and bubbly, I don’t know what is.

In this edition of Jor Mom, Jorah tells us about her injured cock, I ramble about the music blogs I wish I could write, and we both share embarrassing secrets from our music-loving pasts. Apparently our lives were marked by a lot of mid-90s SoCal mall-punk. Friends, feast your ears on Jor Mom Episode 4: “Your Gay Injured Rooster”.

In this episode we review the work of Kevin Davis and Lazer Guided Melody.
The animated gif of the murderous turtle can be found here.
The music featured in this episode is as follows:
Greenskeepers- “Lotion” (official Jor Mom theme song!)
Magnetic Fields- “A Chicken With its Head Cut Off”
Spoon- “The Infinite Pet”
The Mekons- “Where Were You?”
Tom Waits- “The Return of Jackie and Judy”
NOFX- “Timmy the Turtle”
Nicolas Jaar- “Keep Me There”
TV on the Radio- “Crying”
Pearl Jam- “Aye Davanita”
Twin Shadow- “When We’re Dancing”
Morrissey- “Hairdresser on Fire”
No Doubt- “Bathwater”
Pale Saints- “Language of Flowers”
Pains of Being Pure at Heart- “This Love is Fucking Right”

Oh, and if you’re wondering what those business cards we talk about look like… here they are. Feel free to make fun. Actually, I encourage it. I deserve all the mockery I can possibly get.

Update: Whoa, holy shit! Apparently something has gone terribly wrong with the iTunes screening process because we are now available for download in iTunes! That means you can subscribe and get these podcasts directly into your iPod as soon as we post a new one (well, technically, it’d be within 24 hours of posting a new one, and it’d be downloaded into your iTunes and then into your iPod, so not quite directly into your iPod but you get the point). Now, our iTunes page is pretty shitty at the moment. There’s no picture and no Author information (as of right now the podcast is credited to “Unknown” which may give us an air of mystery, but that’s immediately shattered the second you listen to the actual content) but I’m working on improving it. The bottom line here is you can subscribe!

We get a pretty good number of plays per week, but I don’t know how much that’ll translate to iTunes subscriptions, so please subscribe, guys! You want us in your head! You want to walk around town or pick up your kids or work out while listening to our voices (or tuning them out and focusing on the sweet-ass background music we talk over)! Head on over to our listing on iTunes and hit the little “subscribe to podcast” button!

9 thoughts on “PODCAST: Jor Mom. Episode 4: “Your Gay Injured Rooster”

  1. I love you guys! I love these podcasts. I love Jorah’s impression of a rooster. I don’t love seeing turtles eating doves but I love how you describe it.
    You guys are just awesome.

  2. very interesting. i never really think of music journalism as something that tedious for some reason. always looked like a lot of fun. but i guess you enver really know when you see it from the outside huh?

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