PODCAST: Jor Mom. Episode 5: “Hairy Huntsman”

Another Monday, another exciting episode of Jor Mom! In this ultra-special collector’s edition variant chromium & holofoil cover (remember to keep one copy bagged and boarded for future resale– put your kids through college), Jorah & I revisit the days of yore with a look back on Livejournal, Cartoon Network shows of our youth and the emo culture of the early aughts. Also, I whine copiously about turning 25 and Jorah rolls her eyes a lot. Which you can’t really hear in the podcast, but you can feel it, because honestly, who wouldn’t?

ALSO! In this episode we are joined by the lovely Kelly a.k.a. hookeymonster from Swimming Blindly to talk about the hazards of living down under (which include scary pool-dwelling spiders and overbearing blog commenters). All of this set to some sick-ass jams in an unobtrusively low volume! This podcast has everything you could possibly want! *

Kelly’s blog can be found here.
You can read all about those fucked-up spiders here and here.

The music played in this episode is as follows:
Greenskeepers- “Lotion” (Jor Mom theme song)
Squeeze- “Black Coffee in Bed”
Bomb the Music Industry!- “25”
Best Coast- “I Want To”
Girls- “Ghost Mouth”
Fugazi- “Cashout”
The Supremes- “Come See About Me”
Sparklehorse- “Maria’s Little Elbows”
Men at Work- “Overkill”
Wilco- “Spiders (Kidsmoke)”
DOM- “Jesus”
Broken Social Scene- “Swimmers”
Kurt Vile- “Peeping Tomboy”
EMA- “Milkman”
Bash & Pop- “Making Me Sick”
Elvis Costello- “Brilliant Disguise

*this podcast does not actually have everything you could possibly want.
If you dig us and you want us in your iPod please remember to head over to our iTunes listing and subscribe! 

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