JOR MOM: An Interlude.

So it’s been a couple days since a new episode of Jor Mom was supposed to be posted, and yet… nothing. Where have our heroes gone? Are they dead?! Did they have a horrible falling out? Is the podcast over for good?! SO MANY QUESTIONS. Despair no further, dear reader! All the answers you seek lie in the  audio file below! Click it, and be sated. Or don’t. Whatever. I don’t even care.

Disclaimer: At the end of this audio recording I say that there will be a new blog post up tomorrow. On further thought, I actually have no idea if that’s going to be possible. I’m in New York for work and will probably be extremely busy, so if I’m not able to post something on time, just listen to an Elvis Costello song of your choosing and think about all the gushing overpraise I’d smother it with and that’s probably a reasonable approximation to what my post would be. Also, semicolons. Semicolons and dashes.

5 thoughts on “JOR MOM: An Interlude.

  1. Dr. Pepper is HORRIBLE! Most disgusting invention. I wish you had more time in Atl too because I gathering your two hours did not include the all important Chik-Fil-A waffle fries.

    1. What is it with you Aussies and hating Dr. Pepper? You are yet another one that is not impressed with its lure… And as a Southerner if you do not have waffle fries on your trip to ‘merica, you don’t know ‘merica.

      1. OMG it is THE MOST VILE drink ever. It’s like someone decided to stab my mouth with the worst flavours ever and then made it travel down my throat into my belly to spread its vileness. Disgusting.
        But right on (hello ’70’s) with the waffle fries. Orjizzism in my mouth.

  2. NEW YORK CITAY! WOOT! Did you find anything cool while you got lost? Now, I would be the absolute worst person in the entire world if I did not tell you that Jamba Juice has a secret menu. That is right Jamba Juice is very real and they have a secret menu that is AMAZING !! So because I like you, I will give it to you ( and yes the Dirty Orgasm does exist , although I don’t really want to drink it)

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