Everyist Blogcast: A 20-Minute Rant About Nothing in Particular!

Hi, everybody!

If you’re anything like me (you probably aren’t), you’ve been mourning the untimely demise of the Jor Mom podcast for the last few weeks (you’re probably not), and you’ve been desperately craving for the dulcet tones of international Schadenfreude (yeah, no). While Jor Mom isn’t coming back, there is a new and exciting podcast in the works that will feature an awesome cohost who isn’t batshit insane! That’s coming in a few weeks. In the meantime, this here is a special one-off solo podcast episode (kinda?) to tide you over. How fucking psyched are you? Plenty. Plenty fucking psyched, is the answer.

So here’s 20 minutes of my voice. I’m not rambling about a song or band I feel you should listen to. I’m not telling some ridiculous anecdote. I’m not standing on a pedestal of any sort, or waving any flags. I’m simply thanking you— yes, you—  for being so awesome, and throwing a few site announcements your way. And hey, if you stick it out the whole way through, there’s a sweet tune at the end. It’s a surprise song. Wanna know what it is? I’m not telling you. You’re just going to have to listen to the whole thing…    or you could just skip over to the last 3 minutes. But no. You should listen to the whole thing. Because it’s me. And you love me. You do.

Please excuse the horrible impression of Dr. Nick Riviera that kicks it off. If you can get through that, you can get through anything.
I love you all.

6 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: A 20-Minute Rant About Nothing in Particular!

  1. Growing up, you were always such a weirdo. How the fuck did you end up being some sort of popular person who people want to listen to you rant about nothing?
    No offense.

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