Monday Morning Megamix: Starting Your Week With a Kick in the Face

My work schedule for the last few weeks has been nothing short of ridiculous, pushing my mind to the outer limits of sanity and getting precious little sleep. Between an ungodly amount of new projects, a coworker’s illness, two writing gigs and maintaining some semblance of a social life (increasingly approaching the definition of “functional alocholism”), I’m left staring at a large amount of half-finished drafts, false starts and two-line “brainstorming” sessions. And they taunt me. Every day, they mock me from their little corner in the dustbin of my wordpress account. And I promise, I will get to finishing and posting them eventually. I hope.

This morning was the worst. I woke up with absolutely no energy. This has been the case for most every Monday morning for the last few months. I’m thoroughly drained, devoid of any of the zest, zeal, joie de vivre that is usually characteristic of Jorge Farah (no). This morning was especially drab and lifeless, as it was as damp and grey and unappetizing as a bowl of old oatmeal. So I decided to put together a quick playlist for the sole purpose of prying myself off of this armchair, and out into the world. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I thought some other people might enjoy it, so here it is for your listening pleasure. Thirty minutes of aggressive, energetic rock music to get your week started the right way.

Fucked Up– “The Other Shoe”
Pavement– “Flux=Rad”
Bloc Party– “Like Eating Glass”
Sparklehorse– “Happy Man”
Sleater-Kinney– “Jumpers”
Only Crime– “R.I.R”
Harvey Milk– “Barnburner”
Japandroids– “Wet Hair”
Baroness– “Take My Bones Away”
with a little bit of Hüsker Dü‘s “Monday Will Never Be The Same” thrown in for good measure.

Running time: thirty minutes and forty-seven seconds. Special care was put into flow and general kickassery.
Grab that week by its stupid face and stare it right in the eye and say, in the creepiest, hissiest voice you can muster, “hey. Week. You are mine to conquer, bitch.” Then you show that week who’s boss.

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