In Which I Make My Auspicious Return to Late Night Talk Radio

The Jordan Rich show on on WBZ is a staple of late-night talk radio in the Boston area. The kind of after-hours talk show that attracts that peculiar contingent of graveyard-shift stragglers and lost souls; denizens of the witching hour and restless insomniacs who tune in after midnight to hear a familiar, soothing voice. And it doesn’t get much more familiar and soothing than the voice of Jordan Rich, the charismatic host, who deals with the eccentricities of some of his callers with a bemused warmth as he keeps the proceedings rolling along throughout the show’s 5-hour running time.

Through some strange twist of fate (read: an internet message board), I ended up befriending Peter Clarke, who used to produce the Jordan Rich show. He once posted a hilarious clip of Jordan battling it out with a white supremacist, and I decided right then and there that I should listen to this show. I’d hook up to their web stream and listen along, effectively becoming one of those stragglers and lost souls. After a few airings, I decided I should take things to the next level, and actually called in. Jordan and I quickly found a rapport of sorts and the calls became a regular thing. I wouldn’t listen every week (because my schedule wouldn’t allow it), but every once in a while I’d pick up the phone and join the fun. I had become, as they call it, a “friend of the show”.

As time went on, for some reason I never fully understood but pertaining to music licensing, the network CBS decided to end the online streaming of WBZ Boston. This means I couldn’t listen live. I still called in and joined the conversation without much context, but it became too much of a hassle. Eventually, Peter moved on to other positions in WBZ and I just kind of forgot about the show. However, this weekend, Peter told me he was filling in as producer, so I decided to give the old webstream a try in hopes that, somehow, the international block was no longer in place. And just my luck, I was able to stream the show without any problem. So I decided to call in, just like old times, and have a conversation with my buddy Jordan.

Below is the audio from my call. I do have to warn you, though, that I made this call while half-drunk in a hotel room, just about to give in to complete exhaustion and pass out, so I’m not exactly at my sharpest. Still, it was fun to talk to Jordan. Pete was kind enough to tell him to ask about my blog, so this very site gets a nice little plug. Enjoy my sloppy musings on body hair, Cloud Atlas and the oppressive heat of the Argentine summer by clicking the player below.

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