I’d Upgrade My Account, But I Kinda Like the Guessing Game

The idea is to have a life that’s completely free from the shackles of professional protocol as a free agent of creativity rather than a suit-and-tie automaton. The idea is to get to the point where I’m not nervously pitching new ventures to bemused junior executives in the hopes that they’ll put a word in with their superiors, but to be the one picking up the phone and handing assignments to those under my employ. The idea is to operate on a whole other level, far removed from the sick game of empty pleasantries and conference calls and round-table meetings. And I’ll get there one day. It’ll be a while.

For now, I remain tethered to the song-and-dance of business life. As of a couple years ago, this involves having a profile on the haughtiest of social networks, LinkedIn (and seriously, doesn’t “LinkedIn” sound like the name of a boyband from the late 90s?). The whole thing is pretty silly, acting like one hilariously long, extended, hyper-padded resume. But one nifty little feature which other social networks lack is the ability to see who’s been looking at your profile. This adds a whole other layer of awkwardness to the proceedings– and while I thrive on awkwardness, other members choose to make their profiles private to avoid exposing themselves as the e-creepers they clearly are. So LinkedIn will tell you who visited your profile, but in some cases it’ll only give you certain details.

Sometimes…   sometimes it gets pretty darn cryptic.

One thought on “I’d Upgrade My Account, But I Kinda Like the Guessing Game

  1. I remember joining LinkedIn and thinking ” Hm, is this what adulthood feels like?” then I realized that they don’t have much to do with each other, especially when half of the people you scroll through work at Applebees.

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