Explained Radio Silence, Award-Induced Blogging Hangups, And a Sleepy-Sounding Playlist


The two months that I was out of Buenos Aires were accompanied by something of a blogslumber– a necessary disconnection from the world of web-logging to ensure I’m preoccupied not with capturing my experience in writing but with taking it all in, in the most natural and least self-consciously reflective way possible.  A lot happened during this time– lots of adventures (mostly involving my drunk ass getting hopelessly lost in the legendarily-easy-to-navigate streets of New York), lots of conquered adversities (like a sleep-deprived 9-hour layover in a very crowded airport in Lima, Peru) and lots of fulfilled dreams (like seeing the Mingus Big Band play Mingus Mondays at the Jazz Standard, a musical experience that left me inspired and joyful).

Another nice surprise was being nominated for and subsequently awarded the 20SB Bootleg Award for Best Male Blogger of 2012 (let’s all please quietly ignore that other category I also won).  The 20SB community has been very kind to me, from my humble beginnings as a chatroom cage-rattler, through the Jor-Mom podcast fiasco (quick summary: started a podcast with fellow 20SBer Jorah Day, who turned out to be a compulsive liar with mental problems) all the way up to my current standing as an on-again-off-again contributor with very little to actually say. As a notoriously flaky blogger whose site often veers into bizarre and increasingly self-indulgent tangents, the support I’m getting from 20SB and other corners of the internet, as well as the growing readership I’ve accumulated in the last year, all feel like some horrible mistake. Like a happy bank accident at the expense of some senile old lady’s life savings. Like “The Walrus and the Carpenter”, I’ve duped all these oysters into following me, only to be viciously devoured. I… I’m not calling you oysters, nor am I promising to shuck and devour you. That analogy didn’t make much sense, and I am abandoning it.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I enjoy manning my ramshackle little lemonade stand at the sidelines of the giant hypermarket that is the Internet, and it’s one of the things I’m trying to become better at this year. Look for continuations of the Everyist Top 10 Albums of 2000s series, My Hostel Year, Bedhead Melodies and a return to podcasting. Beyond the site, it’s an exciting time for me, with a number of projects reaching completion and a few others just starting up. It’s also paralyzingly terrifying, but the greatest leaps into the abyss tend to be so. It gets bumpy from here, but also so much more exciting.

And hey, don’t let it be said that Every -ist and Every -ism isn’t a music blog at heart, despite the meandering palaver and bizarre digressions. I’m leaving you with a little playlist I edited together with the help of my peeps at the Red Mosquito Message Board. It was one of those community-mixtape internet things, where everybody contributes a track based on a theme. The proposed theme was “Dreamy Songs to Fall Asleep To”, and the resulting playlist:

British Sea Power- “Baby”
Radiohead- “Motion Picture Soundtrack”
The Missing Season- “Leaving for Good”
Blonde Redhead- “The Dress”
Yo La Tengo- “Green Arrow”
Belong- “October Language”
They Might Be Giants- “Idlewild”
Flaming Lips- “Feeling Yourself Disintegrate”
Slowdive- “Rutti”
Led Zeppelin- “Rain Song”

I really like how it turned out. A suitably dream-like and disjointed hodgepodge, almost nightmarish at parts. So I put it all together in one continuous playlist and I think it plays pretty well. Here it is, for your enjoyment. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel.

2 thoughts on “Explained Radio Silence, Award-Induced Blogging Hangups, And a Sleepy-Sounding Playlist

  1. Ohhhh…Its been awhile since I thought about the Jor Mom podcast and I’d wondered where it went…now I know…kinda…ha…Jorah Day seems to have disappeared but glad to see you’re still around…

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