Everyist Blogcast: The Return You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For


Aww yeah. You’ve been waiting for this. You might not have known you were waiting for it, but you were, and here it is, and you should be tingling with excitement because I’m back to the world of podcasting. This is not a full-throttle, no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners, back-with-a-vengeance return, mind you. More like a soupçon.  Like dipping my toe into the waters of internet radio in preparation for a full-speed, majestic cannonball dive the likes of which will leave long-lasting ripples across the vast ocean of the infobahn. So if what you’re looking for is ridiculous hyperbole and self-exaltation with a whole lot of “umm”s and “ahh”s peppered throughout, you’re in luck– you have a lot of that coming.

In this 30-minute blast of aural insipidness (hastily recorded after an exhausting day of work and sighing in exasperation at my inability to type anything of value), I reach new levels of verbosity by prattling aimlessly about my experience watching Paul Thomas Anderson’s “The Master” in an alcoholic haze, I sing the praises of jazz pianist Brad Mehldau, and I try hopelessly to rationalize my love for Canadian sister act Tegan & Sara.

The sweet tunes in this blogcast are as follows:

Charles Mingus- “Hora Decubitus”
The Clash- “Spanish Bombs”
The Notwist- “Consequence”
Yo La Tengo- “Green Arrow”
Brad Mehldau Trio- “Knives Out”
Isolée- “Schrapnell”
Tegan & Sara- “Hell”

So sit back, press the little embedded player below and prepare to have your day utterly ruined. I’m so sorry.

[audio https://jorgefarah.files.wordpress.com/2013/03/mehldauandsarafinal1.mp3]

5 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: The Return You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

  1. How are you not a radio DJ??? That was positively enthralling!! I listened all the way through. Good music 🙂

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