Everyist Blogcast: Getting Along (with guest Danny O’Malley)

In today’s installment of the sporadically-updated podcast portion of Every-ist and Every-ism, we have a guest! This is very exciting for me, as my desultory prattling into the abyss that is the Internet was starting to make me feel like something of a misanthrope– or, at the very least, a secluded shut-in, muttering excitedly about jazz albums, shunning any form of human contact. As a despairingly social person, this feels like a betrayal to my very nature, and so I’m going to try and get more people from my life (and its immediate surroundings) to legitimize my folly in audio form.

Today we get to talk to filmmaker, musician, gearhead, synthesizer enthusiast, Jesus facsimile and all-around awesome dude, Danny O’Malley. Danny is my kinda guy: a lover of music and film in equal measure, a purveyor of creativity and art that can move, inspire and transform. He has shot bands like The National and The Decemberists, was deeply involved in Matt Sharp’s absurdly ambitious project with The Rentals, “Songs About Time”, and was recently nominated for a Grammy for his work on the Tegan and Sara film “Get Along”. He was kind enough to share the experience with us, as well as shoot the shit about music, movies, Tegan and Sara fans, the ridiculousness of the internet and the dichotomy of the Grammys.

Just a quick word about the recording: I performed this interview while incapacitated in my bed (not from an alcoholic bender, as is often the case, but a medical procedure– more on that later) and only had access to a shitty headset, so the audio from my end is a bit on the tinny, buzzy side. Don’t despair: your tinnitus isn’t acting up, it’s just my crummy 10-dollar headset.

Listen to our conversation by clicking the embedded player below:

Check out Danny O’Malley’s site here!
Purchase “Get Along” here or stream it on Netflix here

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