Everyist Blogcast: Songs for the Mooring Buoy


Buenos Aires is slowly but surely approaching winter weather, which means it’s about time that I fall in love with the city once again. As much as I am, at all times, aware of the many charms it possesses– the ones that captured me in the first place– their accompanying tribulations tend to pile up and reach the tipping point right around this time of year. For some reason, the city that I love comes back to life in the winter; it all starts feeling more like wonderful chaos to cherish and revel in, rather than an exasperating mess.

Growing up in the sweltering heat of Barranquilla’s subtropical climate, you’d expect me to feel right at home in the similarly humid and oppressive Buenos Aires summer. No such luck. I’ve always felt much more comfortable in the colder weather. I’m also drawn to cold-weather music, if that makes sense. A while back, I did a couple of posts on the topic: Say No to Summer and Say Yes to Summer.¬†Going back to what we talked about in the previous entry, I’m thrilled to have music that represents, explores and takes root in all facets of life’s emotional multiplicity, cheery or dour or the myriad of in-betweens. Similarly, I’m happy that we have cold-weather music and warm-weather music. But in terms of¬†personal preference, what I naturally gravitate to, what resonates with me more immediately? I’ll take those icy-cool synth lines over the jangly upbeat summer pop any day.

Speaking of, here’s a little treat. What I have here is a 38-minute playlist, lovingly compiled and edited by yours truly, of beautiful instrumental music. The tracks are mostly guitar-based, mostly melancholy, mostly expansive and ethereal. They’re culled together from various sources, including two wonderful albums I purchased last week– William Tyler’s “Impossible Truth” and Eluvium’s “Nightmare Ending”, two exquisite records that I’ll be exploring and writing about in the future. There’s no real throughline or narrative to the sequencing of these songs beyond simply sounding good together. And that they do.

So strap on your headphones at home/your place of employment/ favorite crying hole, click the embedded player below and space out to these lovely instrumental tunes. No pesky words getting in the way, distracting you by needlessly stimulating your neurological language center. Just… music.


William Tyler- “The World Set Free”
Vestigios- “Todo Consenso Necesita de Alguna Renuncia”
Eluvium- “Don’t Get Any Closer”
Bill Frisell- “Gimme a Holler”
Mogwai- “Relative Hysteria”
Nancy Wilson- “Elevator Beat”
Marc Ribot- “The Kid”
Baroness- “Stretchmarker”

5 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Songs for the Mooring Buoy

  1. I just listened to the entire thing! Gorgeous gorgeous music. Definitely want to listen to more William Taylor in the future. Thank you for posting

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! I’m definitely digging the William Tyler album a lot. I was not familiar with this artist, but someone posted about this album and it sounded right up my alley. If you get the chance, pick it up– it’s called Impossible Truth. Highly recommended.

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