Everyist Blogcast: Of Sleep Paralysis, Ghoulish Goats & Billy Corgan (Also, Music!)


This is a picture of two friendly goats I found on the Internet. Aren’t they cute? Don’t you want to reach out and pet them? They’re there to remind me that the poor creatures aren’t inherently scary or evil, no matter how hard my subconscious (drawing from the influence of decades of Judeo-Christian interpretations of pagan imagery) tries to convince me otherwise.

You see, I saw a very different goat a couple of days ago. It definitely didn’t look as approachable and friendly as the two beauties posted above. No, what I saw was a tall, dark, horned figure, standing on two hooves, wearing a long green cape that draped over the floor. This malevolent Baphomet was nothing but menacing, pacing impatiently beside my bed, occasionally leering at me with eyes so frightening that I wanted to scream my lungs out. But I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t turn away. I couldn’t even move my arms. I was experiencing an episode of what is known as “sleep paralysis”– a phenomenon in which the body is frozen stiff upon waking, fully able to perceive the world around you yet incapable of actually moving. This usually lasts for a few seconds and is often accompanied by hallucinations, ranging from innocuous to spine-chillingly terrifying.  Thankfully for you, this time around, it was the latter.

Also thankfully for you (?!), I decided to record a podcast about it! And to counteract the drab creepiness of hearing a guy struggle through describing his encounter with an imaginary goat-demon, I also decided to play some bitchin’ tunes, rant about how much Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins rules, berate people for not listening to music in languages other than English, and come to terms with the multiplicity of opinions expressed on the Internet. You can enjoy all of this AND MORE by clicking the nifty embedded player BELOW:

The aforementioned bitchin’ tunes featured in this podcast are:
Ginger & The Ghost- “Where Wolf”
Smashing Pumpkins- “Mayonnaise”
The Thermals- “A Stare Like Yours”
María Pien- “Fantasía en G Para un Pueblo al Sur del Mapa”
Dead Leaf Echo- “Kingmaker”
Stiff Little Fingers- “Suspect Device”
Bronze- “Sunny Day”
Lisa Hannigan & Ray LaMontagne- “O Sleep”

The intro music is Charles Mingus’s “Hora Decubitus”. In the background, you’ll also hear songs by The Notwist, Kevin Drew, Clever Girl, Chemical Brothers, Eddie & The Hot Rods and others. However, these are obscured by the sound of my rambling, which I apologize for. Still, I do hope you enjoy this rambly broadcast– the ‘podcast’ portion of this blog is a lot of fun for me, and something I definitely plan to do more of. So you better get used to it, punk.

11 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Of Sleep Paralysis, Ghoulish Goats & Billy Corgan (Also, Music!)

    1. It sure is. I feel like a lot of people write off the whole of Smashing Pumpkins because of their– more specifically, Billy’s– decline into rock-tabloid fodder, but Siamese Dreams is really astounding. Just a beautiful record all around.

  1. Why would anyone ever go back to sleep again after experiencing that? I’d do everything in my power to NEVER GO NEAR A BED AGAIN

  2. An enjoyable listen as always Jorge, and an intriguing selection of music. About sleep paralysis, it is a condition I have experienced many times since I was a child. I count my lucky stars that I have not had the misfortune of seeing any “apparitions” or “demon goat things” as you call them. It is merely a nuisance. What you saw would scare me into a heart attack. Always enjoy listening to Mayonaise. Indeed it is quite a song, and unlike you I was listening to the Pumpkins when that album came out 20 years ago today. I still remember the shock.

    1. Thanks for listening. I must say I’m a little embarrassed. I listened back to the episode and was a little taken aback by how much pointless yammering I did for the first 10 minutes or so– glad to see you stuck it out, and thanks for the comment!

  3. Sleep paralysis… yikes! That sounds awful.

    Those goats are super cute, though. That picture is actually my background picture on my work computer. People always ask if they are my goats… nope.

    Siamese Dream is such a great album, and Mayonaise is probably my favorite SP song… although that can change depending on the day… but it’s always at least top 3.

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