Everyist Blogcast: Hardcore & Heartbreak (with special guest Aly Wright Fields)


As fun as it is to sit by myself in a dark, musty room, wallowing in my own crapulence and ranting about music like an embittered melomane approaching senility, sometimes it’s refreshing to actually converse with someone else and be exposed to a voice other than my own. My good friend Aly Fields joins us in this edition of the Every-ist and Every-ism Blogcast, to talk about her love of outsider music, scuzzy lo-fi rock songs and sappy love ballads, as well as the secret origins of our 10-year friendship.  This is accompanied by the occasional participation of her cat Juno, and an impromptu duet a capella performance of a Japanese hardcore punk song.

I tasked Aly with creating a short playlist of songs for the podcast– stuff that represents her general music tastes, songs that she’s currently into or all-time favorites. This is Aly’s playlist:

Hüsker Dü- “New Day Rising”
Henry Plotnick- “Field 3”
Over the Rhine- “Circle of Quiet”
The Minutemen- “History Lesson Pt. 2”
Everything But the Girl- “The Night I Heard Caruso Sing”
The Replacements- “Left of the Dial”
Kate Bush- “The Morning Fog”

Aly makes insightful and poignant observations about each one of her picks, veering into topics such as classical minimalism and how a band can be misrepresented by a Top 40 hit. I mostly just nod and agree.
As background music to our prattling, you’ll also hear tunes by Urban Achievers Brass Band, The Missing Season, Crooked Fingers, Bash & Pop, Joanna Newsom and others.

Listen to the episode by clicking the link below:

13 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Hardcore & Heartbreak (with special guest Aly Wright Fields)

  1. Nifty intro dude, that’s new right? Cool podcast. I havent finished it yet. But very interesting. Lady’s smart. Is she torturing the cat??

  2. That’s actually how loud she is. Always. She needs to be the center of attention. I made a birthday video for J earlier in the year and she interrupted by screaming and jumping on my shoulder.

  3. A solid listen. You two have a good rapport. You can feel the earned trust and chemistry from years of friendship, virtual or physical. I appreciated the song selection, even if the Field song was to my taste pointless and silly. Of course it was made by a 12 year old so it feels mean to pick on it but i don’t know why I would ever want to listen to that. Love The Minutemen and Kate Bush especially. Post something from the psychedelic christian rock album next time. Cheers, PD

    1. Thanks a lot for the comment. Aly and I have been going on and on about music for a long time… this is just the first time we share one of those conversations publicly. And yes, you’ll hear more from that Norwegian album.

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