Everyist Blogcast: Of Guitars, Lighthouses & Whorehouses (with guest Agustín Donati)


Continuing the recent trend in Every ist and Every ism of yielding the floor for other folks to share music that they’re into, here’s a new podcast episode. Agustín Donati is the lead singer for the Buenos Aires-based indie band Vestigios, who recently released their album “Inmortal Fraternal”. The album contains brawny, kinetic rock songs that run the gamut from calm and contemplative to devastatingly violent, with a fluid rhythmic base that pushes the compositions along into often unexpected places. Agustín is also in a three-piece acoustic side project named Che Koala, as well as writing tunes for a burgeoning solo venture. He’s a huge music enthusiast, and a good friend of mine, so I asked him to come along and record a little chat with me.

We got together on a Sunday afternoon to talk about the bumpy road towards musical adulthood, our shared teenage fandom for terrible bands of the late-90s, and the salacious sexcapades Argentine teenagers tend to engage in. I also tasked Agustín with putting together a playlist for the podcast, without any direction beyond “songs that you feel like sharing”.  The songs in Agustín’s playlist are:

Bill Callahan- “Say Valley Maker”
Jorge Drexler- “12 Segundos de Oscuridad”
Ryan Adams- “Carolina Rain”
City and Colour- “Body in a Box”
The Low Anthem- “This God Damn House”
Jeff Buckley- “Satisfied Mind”

Agustín was also kind enough to regale us with an exclusive live performance of two original compositions: “Ciudades Sin Tu Nombre” and “La Cara del Lugar”. You can check that out by clicking the embedded player below:

Check out Agustín’s band Vestigios by going to their Bandcamp page.

11 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Of Guitars, Lighthouses & Whorehouses (with guest Agustín Donati)

  1. Felt like listening in to a couple good friends shooting the shit, with good music in the background. Cool. That City and Color song is great. Agustin is v. talented, even though I have no idea what the hell he’s singing about. It could be a song about shooting children in the face. I don’t know. Is it?

  2. I am not surprised that I loved every song on Agus’s list. He has excellent taste in music. I was very happy to see The Low Anthem on the list and to get a shout out as one of the people you introduced them to! They are so beautiful. I also enjoyed that Jeff Buckley was on this list. I remember getting a Jeff Buckley album for Agustin when I was visiting the US. When I handed it to him, he held it like it was the most fragile and beautiful object he had ever seen haha. The Jorge Drexler song was really amazing. I love that the sweeping sound gives the sensation of the turning lighthouse light, I’m so glad Agustin gave some backstory on that song, it made it even better.

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