Everyist Blogcast: A Tale of Two Jorges (with special guest Jorge Bedoya)

douchenozzles supreme

Pictured above: a couple of boozin’ bozos doing their best to prove that time is nothing but a measure of how much fatter and balder you’ve gotten since high school.

Jorge Bedoya is one of my best friends. Aside from sharing our extremely-common first name, we’ve gone through a lot together: we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve helped each other through the emotional highs-and-lows of our notoriously melodramatic teenage love lives, we’ve played together in a punk rock band named Local 3, gotten sloppy-drunk and puked on each other’s floors too many times (alright, I did all the puking, but it still counts as a shared experience inasmuch as I shared my stomach juices with his living room carpet. There’s probably still some, you know, puke particles somewhere in those fibers). And what are old friends for, if not sitting around drinking whiskey and awkwardly reminiscing on years upon years of continued frustration and disappointment? All the while recording it in audio form and later posting it for the world to hear.

Fact of the matter is, this gentleman is more than a mere compatriot; he had a very active role in shaping my teenager years, serving as a kind of spirit guide for the beginning of my early punk rock forays, as well as encouraging me to follow whimsies and pursue every creative itch. He continues to be musically active, even as a bastion of the little-understood maritime law. We sat down and talked about the many bands he’s been in, our first memories of each other, and creeping on female musicians on Instagram.

Oh, we also listened to some tunes, as Bedoya was kind enough to put together an 8-track playlist to share with everybody. The tunes in Bedoya’s playlist are:

NOFX- “Hobophobic (Scared of Bums)”
Supergrass- “Mary”
Graham Coxon- “What’s He Got?”
Augustines- “Juarez”
Jack’s Mannequin- “Caves”
Blondfire- “Waves”
Wolf Alice- “White Leather”
Wild Nothing- “Midnight Song”

If you listen hard enough, you’ll also be able to make out some bed music to adorn our meandering chatter. The song selection could be contributing subtle commentary on the conversation we’re having, or it could be apropos of nothing– depending entirely on how I was feeling at the exact moment I was editing the show. Whatever. Just click the embedded player below to listen.

11 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: A Tale of Two Jorges (with special guest Jorge Bedoya)

  1. Good listen!!!!! thanks for sharing. badoya seems like a cool dude.

    “being big wasn’t the thing??”

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