Everyist Blogcast: Moderate Aspects (with special guest J. Robert Youngtown)

J. Robert Youngtown Photo Feb 2014

Another…month?… another installment of the “Every Ist and Every Ism” blogcast. As long as I’ve been doing these, I still haven’t figured out a steady schedule for them. And that’s just as well– I’m moving around way too much these days to attempt any sort of consistent schedule when it comes to pumping these out. As it stands, I’m perfectly happy to have the blogcast be a sporadic treat, popping up unannounced and unexpected, like a happy bank error, or an unsolicited hotel room upgrade, or a half-decent simile.

This time around we sat with (or, more accurately, Skyped with) Tasmania’s own J. Robert Youngtown. You know, I’ve gone on at great length about my love for social networking and the power of the Internet in other posts, but I think it merits a mention here, as this conversation wouldn’t have happened otherwise. The fact that our voices travelled more than six thousand miles over the Pacific ocean just to talk about something as silly as rock songs would’ve made Alexander Graham Bell’s head spin. Also of note: there is a 14-hour time difference between James and I, so the logistics of this conversation were a bit of a challenge; in the end, I ended up getting up at an ungodly hour for this conversation, which explains the overall drowsiness and slurred speech.

J. Robert Youngtown is a musician who’s been playing the notoriously barren Tasmania rock scene for several years. He has an album coming out next month titled “Moderate Aspects“, a collection of songs written over the last couple of years and recorded with the help of members of The Posies, You Am I, and Red Kross. I had the chance to listen to the record earlier this week and it’s pretty fantastic– at times bursting with rockn’roll bravado, at times tender and country-tinged, and at times nearly psychedelic in its approach, it is both a throwback and forward-thinking in its own way. The record is available for pre-order at his Bandcamp page, so go check it out.

James and I chatted about the joy of guitar rock, the music scene in his neck of the woods, the hilarious possibility of a Big Star gang, and the myth of the Tasmanian devil as perpetuated by Warner Brothers. We also played some kicking tunes; as per usual, I asked my guest to put together a short playlist of songs that mean something to him or informed his musical interests. You’ll see the playlist below, bookended by two tracks from his upcoming album:

J. Robert Youngtown- “Hypnotised By a Mirror”
The Who- “Dreaming From the Waist”
Big Star- “Daisy Glaze”
Red Kross- “The Nu Temptations”
You Am I- “What I Don’t Know About You”
The Kinks- “Shangri La”
J. Robert Youngtown- “Maybe Tomorrow”

As always, the conversation is accompanied by a bed of unobtrusive background music– this time around featuring stuff by Pure Bathing Culture, Ofuia, Lady Danville, Labyrinth Ear, CHVRCHES and more. You can listen to said conversation by clicking the embedded player below:

10 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Moderate Aspects (with special guest J. Robert Youngtown)

  1. “I don’t blow myself away with myself”
    “you know, i do that constantly, just by existing.”

    hehehe… classic jorge

    really good music!

  2. Always expanding my horizons… well done Jorge. You two have really good rapport, although Jorge you definitely sound less energetic than usual. Very good music. I will be picking up Youngtown’s album. Thanks

  3. Redd Kross reformed… I’m so out of touch. I could go on about a memory of Drew and his friend raving about the Toronto show on the Neurotica tour which of course I missed. And seeing Alex Chilton twice – by the time Big Star reformed I was hiding in a woodlot in the Ottawa Valley – at El Mocambo and The Siboney club. Your blogs keep dusting off dark corners of me ‘ead Jorge. I’ll have to find time to listen to the interview when my little kid lets me – he prefers RKross to the Who btw. Gracias como siempre.

    1. Yeah, I felt like a bit of an idiot after going on about “how many monkeys” there were between me and James, only to look at a map and realize it’s just a lot of water. Maybe seamonkeys.

  4. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading extremely slow foor me.

    Is anyone else having thjis issue or is it a issue on myy
    end? I’ll cyeck back later on and seee iif
    the problem still exists.

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