Everyist Blogcast: The Co-Hosts that Never Were (with guest Nate Dunaway)


Boy, it’s been quiet in here, huh? Call off the search parties, though, rein in the hounds; I’m just a little busy. And busy is good. Busy means money. Busy means I’m out there doing more than just lie around in bed all day weeping while I listen to In the Wee Small Hours for the 5032nd time– which doesn’t sound so bad, but money is better.

In this edition of the blogcast, we continue our exploration into the minds and ears of a wide array of music listeners from all over the music spectrum. Last time around, Rease Kirchner served us a hefty dose of guitar-laden indie rock. This time, I’m chatting with Austin’s own Nate Dunaway, a thespian with a proclivity for the rap genre.

A long time ago, Nate and I had the idea of starting a podcast together. Now, unfortunately, we’re both pretty creative people, and creative people are often kind of flaky. After weeks of deliberation, we couldn’t come up with a compelling enough premise, or more specifically, something that hadn’t been done to death in the already overcrowded world of podcasting. We thought about it real hard. So hard, in fact, that we wound up not doing it. So this here pod is a taste of what could’ve been.

I tasked Nate with coming up with his idea of a perfect playlist, and Nate wowed me by producing perhaps the most gloriously disparate list of songs I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Here’s Nate’s playlist:

Danny Brown ft. Purity Ring- “25 Bucks”
Animal Collective- “What Would I Want? Sky”
Death Grips- “Takyon”
Talk Talk- “Inheritance”
Jonny Greenwood- “Sweetness of Freddie”
ASAP Rocky- “LVL”

Click the embedded player below to listen to Nate’s soothing southern tones as we discuss my precarious knowledge of the hip-hop genre, sing the praises of Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2012 masterpiece, whine over our failed podcast pilot, and talk over each other a lot. All of this, and the songs listed above, for the low low price of one mouse click. Hit it:

Download: https://jorgefarah.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/natepod.mp3

4 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: The Co-Hosts that Never Were (with guest Nate Dunaway)

  1. I really enjoy how both of you come from areas that should have pronounced accents and have both neutralized them for the most part

  2. Wonderful conversation; That Talk Talk song is really a thing of beauty. I remember being a fan of their early “pop” direction and feeling alienated by the late career left turn. I’ve grown to love those two albums. The rap stuff? It’s OK. But that Danny Brown song was truly ear candy, as well as the Animal Collective song.

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