Everyist Blogcast: Working Out All of Our Kinks (with guest Nick Nagy)


The world lies torn asunder by hate. Rivers run red with blood as brother turns on brother, streets crowded with dissent, thousands of angry limbs thrown in protest against a system built on oppression and dehumanization, rigged in the favor of suited-up settlers and thieves. In every corner of the globe we see it: war, injustice, famine, pestilence and death. Anger turns to terror, then to total crippling despondency. In light of all this plight, what do we turn to? What can we do? What is there left?

Well, we spend an hour and change talking about rocknroll records.

In this edition of the Every ist and Every ism Blogcast, I’m joined by musician Nick Nagy. Known to his friends as Mr. Multitask, Nick is a Pennsylvania singer-songwriter with a penchant for melody and bizarre puns. He’s also a fervent fan of The Kinks, and we decided to dedicate an entire podcast episode to the exploration and discussion of the work of Ray Davies and company. Of course, this being my podcast, we also digress into a lengthy discussion about boners. Par for the course.

Nick dug up six excellent Kinks tunes to showcase for this podcast. Go buy them. Explore. Immerse yourself in the richness of their back catalogue. Carve out a spot for these songs in your daily life, where they can nestle in comfortably among the old-faithfuls. The song selection is as follows:

“Underneath the Neon Sign” (from Soap Opera, 1975)
“Oklahoma USA” (from Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)
“Art Lover” (from Give the People What They Want, 1981)
“King Kong” (B-side to the “Plastic Man” single, 1969)
“Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues” (from Muswell Hillbillies, 1971)
“Scrapeheap City” (from Preservation Act 2, 1974)

In addition to these Kinks songs, Nick was also kind enough to share two of his own tunes– the breezy, wistful “Foot in My Mouth”, and the Kinks-inspired rave-up “Come On Home”. Stream our conversation by clicking the player below. Go on then. You know you want to. Cliiiiiiick it.

Download link: https://jorgefarah.files.wordpress.com/2014/08/whiteymcpodcast.mp3

Be sure to check out Nick’s music on his soundcloud stream here. And listen to more Kinks.

6 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Working Out All of Our Kinks (with guest Nick Nagy)

  1. Art Lover is about one of his his daughters whom hes aloowed to see on Sundays ( listen ! ) and King Kong isnt on Arthur or any album

    1. Even if this is true (which, reading the lyrics, seems like a bit of a stretch), it’s still an unbelievably seedy, creepy song– and I would imagine intentionally so.

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