Everyist Blogcast: Teenage Lobotomy (with guest Risha from Read Me Anything)

then and now- risha

Looking back on my entries in this blog, and other blogs I’ve had in the past, I’ve noticed that a lot of energy is spent on figuring out exactly what songs mean to me, and why they ended up being part of my personal canon. Were they simply forced into my life by virtue of their overwhelming ubiquity, or did I personally pick them and place them there? I also find myself examining my earliest writing, and being equal parts amused and horrified by the ways in which I’ve chosen to document my existence in this big old rock. Music and memories. This is what we’re discussing in this new installment the sporadically-updated podcast portion of the site. Joining me this time around is my friend Rishita Nandagiri.

Risha and I met through a website called Twenty-Something Bloggers, which is a blogging community that my friend Rease convinced me to join several years ago (and proceeded to completely abandon shortly thereafter). 20SB, as the name implies, is a group of bloggers uniting under the shared experience of the itching uncertainty of our 20s, as well as a near-pathological need to document every little thing in the form of a blog post. Like every online community made up of semi-anonymous strangers, there’s good and there’s bad. At its best, it’s a vibrant community of like-minded, creative individuals sharing ideas and gently nudging each other towards some kind of path. At its worst, it can feel like a bunch of needy sycophants trying to make themselves famous, toppling over each other in a mad scramble to be the one voice that cuts through the fog and becomes The Next Big Thing. It can be both things, and can lead to some interesting connections, which makes it more than worth the time spent in its forums and (now woefully neglected) chatroom.

Risha has a fantastic blog named You Can Read Me Anything, and also hosts a podcast of her own, The Quietude. She’s also one of the brightest people I know. I invited her to have a conversation with me about music and memories, and was thrilled when she accepted. As per usual, I tasked her with putting together a playlist of songs to share. Risha and I are in similar places in life: entering our late 20s and not quite certain of what exactly we’re doing, tracing steps back in the sand behind us. As such, she picked six songs from +/- ten years ago, to test out whether they still held up to scrutiny or if they were simply a proximity infatuation.

Here are the songs Risha selected:

Placebo- “English Summer Rain”
The Arcade Fire- “Neighborhood #2 (Laika)”
Ratatat- “Seventeen Years”
Camera Obscura- “Teenager”
Modest Mouse- “Float On”
Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty- “For Lovers”

Click the embedded player below to listen to our conversation. Do it.

Download link: https://jorgefarah.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/risha.mp3

14 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Teenage Lobotomy (with guest Risha from Read Me Anything)

  1. I agree with so much of this and I loved it. I laughed, I didn’t cry and everything was amazing.
    I re-found my love for Modest Mouse through you too! Gaaa, all the best things!

        1. Sorry Jorge. I have this (bad?) habit of fangirling Risha on other people’s blogs. It just means I loved the podcast and am listening to it for 2nd time. I’ll stop now!

        2. Naw I didn’t mean that you should stop– I just have no ida what “put one dosa with my red chutney” means. It’s a food thing, right? It has to be a food thing.

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