Everyist Blogcast: Barranquilla Dreaming (with guest Jorge Bedoya)


Hi! Happy New Year! Yes, it’s pretty much mid-February already, but we haven’t seen each other in so long. What’s going on? You look good. Let us dedicate 2015 to becoming a less-terrible version of ourselves.

I spent the last few months traversing the American continent, spending an inordinate amount of time in airports and finding new and exciting ways to get drunk. My travels took me to many adventures, several of which I will post about in upcoming weeks! No, I really will. Promise.

The tail-end of my trip was spent in my hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, where I stop by every year to recharge and brace myself for the inevitably devastating shock of daily life after weeks of international hedonism (… yeah, okay, that might be overstating a bit, shh). As has become a tradition, I sat down with one of my very best and oldest friends (oldest as in time spent together, not as in age– although he is getting up there), Mr. Jorge Bedoya.

Mr. Bedoya and I spent a good hour-and-change talking about the perils of Barranquilla hipsterdom, the drastically different levels of energy between his two Golden Retrievers, the wickedness of penguins, and the similarities between our hometown and the city of New Orleans. As per usual, this conversation took place over several glasses of whiskey, so our palaver gets progressively more slurred and less coherent.

Last time around, he gave me a list of songs to feature. This time we collaborated on the song selection, picking three songs each. Here’s the playlist:

The Color Fred- “If I Surrender”
Orange Gold Red- “Wayward”
The Cars- “Just What I Needed”
Archers of Loaf- “Harnessed in Slums”
Babyshambles- “Penguins”
Diana Krall- “I’m Not in Love”

You can listen to this conversation– and the accompanying tunes, which are nothing to scoff at– by clicking the embedded player below.

download link

Oh, and psst! As mentioned, this episode features a song by Orange Gold Red. If you dig it as much as we did, be sure to hit up their Soundcloud here.
Also, this is the penguin gif we reference. Isn’t it adorable? It’s totally adorable.

3 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: Barranquilla Dreaming (with guest Jorge Bedoya)

  1. Love the keyboards in Orange Gold Red. Wonder what sounds are sampled, becuase I hear tiny ghosts of the late 70’s – early 80’s like JD and NO, somewhere in there.

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