Everyist Blogcast: It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore


One of my favorite things about birthdays is the amount of ridiculous childhood pictures that my grandmother– who is an avid internet user and way more active on social media than I am– always sends me. Like the above. Standing next to my sister at some playground in Bogotá, draped in denim and sporting an oversized PEACE SYMBOL around my neck. This might be the most 90s picture of me ever taken. And I love it.

It was my birthday this weekend. It’s not anymore. Twenty-seven was a weird year. I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the rock star cliché, but of course that would require me to be a rock star first– and as of right now, I am only one in the eyes of my mother. In celebration, I decided to put together a podcast with some of the tracks I’ve been digging for the last couple of weeks– some loud, some quiet. Mostly loud. It’s really good. But don’t take my word for it. Listen.

direct link.

Here’s the tracklist, with links to each artist. Please be sure to support them, they’re all awesome. Except for Cherubs, whom I’ve never met but somehow seem like a bunch of jerks. Just a hunch.

Hop Along– “Waitress”
Good Shade– “Not Bad”
Split Feet– “It Broke Once”
Split the Money– “First to Scream”
Kishi Bashi– “Philosophize in It! Chemicalize With It!”
Kendrick Lamar– “How Much a Dollar Cost”
Lyla Foy– “Impossible”
Waxahatchee– “Air”
The Dismemberment Plan– “Superpowers”
Glasser– “Mirrorage”
Love is All– “Bigger Bolder”
Little Bastard– “Be My Kind”
Night Terrors of 1927– “When You Were Mine”
Garbage– “Tell Me Where it Hurts”
Echodrone– “Falling from Planes”
Liturgy– “Veins of God”
Beech Creeps– “Times Be Short”
Malev da Shinobi– “Fading Flaws”
The Mountain Goats– “Legend of Chavo Guerrero”
Cherubs– “Crashing the Ride”
Inventions– “Springworlds”
A Metropolitan Guide– “Treetops”

4 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore

  1. I’m going to listen to the whole thing, of course (…… if time permits) but can I just say right off the bat that the first song is outstanding. I don’t know Hop Along but that was amazing.

  2. Hop Along: a drummer who gets the emotional structure of a song and who supports it with a groove that underlines the lyrics rather than obliterating them. Wow! Will listen to more when I can.

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