Everyist Blogcast: A Third-World Laguna Beach (with guest Cristina Farah)


Another installment of the podcast portion of the site finds me in my old stomping ground, and oh boy do I stomp. I have a complicated relationship with Barranquilla. It’s a city that I’m not sure I would ever visit were it not for the several wonderful humans who somehow choose to live in it. But every time I’m back, I find myself surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. This particular trip was ostensibly¬†to attend a family wedding, but the fact that I’m choosing to stay¬†for a few weeks instead of bolting immediately after the nuptials¬†tells me that I like it here much more than I’ll admit.

An added bonus? My sister Cristina flew in from New York to hang out with us for a few days. And since we’re so seldom in the same place at the same time, we decided to sit down with a few beers and have ourselves a little podcast. We discussed our upbringing, the pressures of coming of age in this barren tundra, and the horrific traffic accident that nearly cost her¬†her life a few years ago. She also told several embarrassing stories from my childhood and teenage years, including some that I came very close to cutting out of this podcast because goddamn are they cringey.

I asked Cristina to come up with a list of tunes to play on the podcast. Here’s the tracklist for this episode:

Chet Faker-¬†“I’m Into You”
The Weakerthans-¬†“Reconstruction Site”
The Cure-¬†“Cut Here”
The Avett Brothers-¬†“The Perfect Space”

Listen to our conversation by clicking on the embedded player below.

5 thoughts on “Everyist Blogcast: A Third-World Laguna Beach (with guest Cristina Farah)

  1. I feel like you took every opportunity to be obnoxious with the burping and loud chewing of whatever food you could find. 10/10 would be annoyed again

  2. I enjoyed this episode, I’d like to see Cristina do a vlog series as well! The song choices were excellent. I feel like I am the worst about the Avett Brothers because so many cool people I know love them and I NEVER check them out but whenever I hear songs by them I totally love them. Also, I totally remember that Thriller thing, I was supposed to go with you, remember? The I got a really ridiculously high fever, which I was convinced I could sleep off so I could still go do the Thriller dance, but then I watched Blazing Saddles and as the credits were rolling I said outloud “What the fuck happened in that movie? I can’t remember anything! I think a black guy tricked some white people but that’s all I can remember.” It was at that point that I realized my fever so so high that I couldn’t properly function and thus missed Thriller.

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