Everyist Blogcast: I Just Wanna Hear Girls Sing

Hello. It’s been forever. How are you? Great.

It’s December! The magical time of year when music journalists everywhere put on their thinking caps and start making “Best Albums of the Year” lists. As I was trudging through the process of putting together my own, I came to the realization that a big majority of the 2015 albums I loved feature female vocalists, either as solo acts or as part of a band. I decided I’d put together a playlist made up entirely of female vocalists. At first, I thought I’d keep it strictly to 2015 releases, but more and more I found spaces where older songs fit perfectly, like puzzle pieces. Despite a few touches of hardcore and a couple experimental pieces, I stuck mostly with crowd-pleasing rock and pop of recent-ish vintage.

So, with the acknowledgement that gender is a social construct that limits and oppresses all of us, that’s what you’ll hear in this installment of the increasingly sporadic podcast portion of the site. A man finally shutting up long enough to let women do the talking (well, except for the rambling intro, and the few occasions in which I pop in, say a thing, and sulk back into silence– but I assure you these are few. Promise).

Listen below:

Download link

Here’s the tracklist, with links to each band’s website (or bandcamp, or soundcloud, or really whatever comes up first when you do a quick Google search in a hasty attempt to put this post together). Be sure to seek out and support them. They’re awesome.

There was so much I wanted to put here. I had to stop myself at 30 tracks. Music is the best.

Waxahatchee– “Under a Rock”
Laura Stevenson– “Jellyfish”
Grimes– “Flesh Without Blood”
Red Aunts– “Poison Steak”
Hop Along– “The Knock”
Colleen Green– “Some People”
Mynabirds– “Semantics”
Sleater-Kinney– “One More Hour”
Julien Baker– “Everybody Does”
Tiger Trap– “Puzzle Pieces”
Broadcast– “Pendulum”
Joanna Gruesome– “Secret Surprise”
Worriers– “Cruel Optimist”
CHVRCHES– “Playing Dead”
Natalia Lafourcade– “Mi Lugar Favorito”
cvntpvnt– “Clear Cut”
Janelle Monáe– “We Were Rock & Roll”
Life Without Buildings– “Let’s Get Out”
Slutface– “Shave My Head”
Julia Holter– “Sea Calls Me Home”
eskimeaux– “A Hug Too Long”
The Want Ads– “Deja Vu”
Speedy Ortiz– “Fun”
The Muffs– “Weird Boy Next Door”
Jesca Hoop– “Intelligentactile 101”
Tegan and Sara– “Shudder to Think”
Jenny Hval– “Sabbath”
Screaming Females– “Ripe”
Santigold– “I’m a Lady”
Girlpool– “Cut Your Bangs”

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