Everyist Blogcast: Click Yourself to Death


Someone’s papering all of Buenos Aires with Jim Carrey stickers. It started with this one, on a lamp-post right around the corner of where I live. I was taking an afternoon stroll through the neighborhood when I was confronted with Jim Carrey’s dead-eyed visage. Oh that’s cool!, I thought. How whimsical. Soon enough I started seeing more of these terrifying photos pop up all over the city; on bus stops, mailboxes, street corners. There’s no accompanying text. No explanation. Just Jim Carrey’s toothy grin, and those eyes. Oh God, those eyes.

I’m dusting off the cobwebs of my blogcasting shoes to bring you the inaugural 2016 edition of this bloated, misshapen approximation of a podcast. Yes, it took five months for this to happen. It’s embarrassing. But things are looking up. A new post schedule is coming soon– one that will be sustainable and fun and won’t result in my crashing and burning in a big bad way– and so this is a kind of celebration.

On a completely unrelated note, I should probably also mention that a sort of extension of this blog has been up and running for several months over here, where I tackle a new Elvis Costello song every week with my friend and collaborator Kevin Davis. I’d been meaning to tell you, I just… I just didn’t know how.

The tunes have been selected and arranged for maximum listenability, with no particular criteria beyond “these are some songs I’ve been into lately”. I keep my talking to a minimum, but I do chime in every few songs to remind you that I exist. The announce at the start, middle and end is the great Jake Glazier, the official voice of the internet.  Click the embedded player below to be taken on a journey, of sight and sound, of exasperated sighs and impatient groans. Do it.

Direct link

Below is the full tracklist for this episode. Please be sure to give these featured artists some love. They deserve it. Except maybe Billy Corgan, he’s kind of a raging douche.

TWIABP&IANLATD– “Rage Against the Dying of the Light”
Rice Cultivation Society– “Cait Sith’s Megaphone”
Car Seat Headrest– “Something Soon”
The Smashing Pumpkins– “The Boy”
Violenta Josefina– “Febrero”
Aye Nako– “In Sickness Pt.1”
Washer– “Pet Rock vs. Healing Crystal”
Chiendent– “Stethoscope”
Micachu and the Shapes– “Lips”
tUnE-yArDs– “Left Behind”
Heron Oblivion– “Oriar”
Miguel– “Coffee”
Agustin Donati– “Como Chicos”
Dragonette– “OK Dolore”
Field Music– “Disappointed”
The Mornings– “Mad Cheergirl”
Boom Boom Kid– “Del Absoluto Vacio Surge Este Capricho”
The Shaker Hymn– “Waters of Sweet Change”
Eisley– “The Valley”
Titus Andronicus– “No Future Part IV: No Future Triumphant”

Be well. And whatever happens, don’t let Jim Carrey in. He’ll feast on your anxieties, and your gallbladder.

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