I turned 30 last month.

I remember when I turned 15, someone told me “you’re at the exact midpoint of your youth”. That stuck with me, somehow, and I’ve thought about it a few times in the last few years as I approached this birthday. I also thought about the Blur song “End of the Century”, and the whole “never trust someone over 30” punk ethos thing. They both seem kind of silly now. Perspective or cognitive reframing as self-preservation? I’m not sure. Probably a bit from column A and a whole buttload from column B.

Though as I get older, these birthdays seem increasingly like arbitrary yardsticks, I do feel like there’s a certain solemnity in crossing over from one decade to the next. All the usual questions are dredged up– are you where you want to be? (not exactly, but, things are good!), are you ready to settle down? (settle down from WHAT), do you want to start a family? (uhmm). But truthfully, more than any anxiety about aging, what I am somewhat shocked by is just how fast everything seems to be going by. Having lived the last ten years, I can say with some certainty that ten years isn’t actually that long, and applying that line of thinking to whatever time I have left starts to feel a bit disquieting. But it’s fine. Things are fine. I’m feeling good about what’s to come. Things are happening.

The main thing that I’m thankful for¬†after all these years is the sheer quality of people I’ve somehow managed to accumulate as friends, and lucked into having as family. They were the ones who made the ensuing celebrations special, and the ones who carried me through 2016, probably the single hardest year of my life (I’ll detail the reasons¬†at some point). I consider it a point of pride. These are some good folks.

I keep saying this, but I’ve got dozens of half-finished blog posts lining my Drafts folder, and I want to get back to writing more frequently on this site. I intend to do that. In the meantime, if you want to read my terrible dumb¬†words on a weekly basis, I’m still rambling about songs¬†over at Trunkworthy, and I’ve also started collaborating with my friend Evy over at The Bubble, an Argentine news and culture site; together we run The Setlist, a weekly round-up of the best live music in Buenos Aires. We’ve also been given the go-ahead to expand the column in fun and exciting ways, featuring video content and writing profiles on bands¬†and independent labels and such. I also write the occasional film or TV piece for various sites, but those are the two go-to venues to catch my writing every week.

Finally, considering I’ve been kind of obsessive with the whole Spotify playlist thing, I’ve put one together consisting of 30 songs that have had some kind of special significance for me throughout the last 30 years. A kind of audio collage of people, memories and situations. As much as the extent of their personal relevance is not evident to anyone but myself, it’s also a really good¬†list of songs [likely the only time you’ll hear a Bj√∂rk song segue into an Offspring song and then into Roberta Flack], so I’m sharing it with you all.

Thanks for everything.

4 thoughts on “30.

  1. Happy birthday sir. Don’t sweat it, 30 is nothing. You are still a promising young man. Excited for more of your writing. Keep up the good work

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